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Currently filling positions for: 

  • Guest Service Adviser

  • Mechanic

  • Advanced Tech

  • Assistant Manager

  • Lube Technician

  • Cashier

California has adopted legislation known as the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”).  The CCPA provides residents of California certain rights as to their personal information (“PI”), which is defined broadly to include things like name, address, phone number and e-mail address.  The law gives California residents the right to:


  • request to know about PI processing (i.e., what types of PI a company collects the sources from which a company collects it, the types of outside parties a company shares the PI with, and how the company uses the PI)

  • request that a company delete the PI it maintains (with some exceptions)

  • direct a company not to sell the PI to third parties.


The Company gathers PI from applicants who are applying through our Human Resources Information System (HRIS) which is secured by a third-party (ADP). Information gathered from applicants is used to identify the applicant, gather employment history and obtain references to determine qualifications for potential employment. PI gathered is not sold to any outside parties. Requests to delete applicant PI should be sent to

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